Pågående avhandlingsarbeten i Antikens kultur och samhällsliv

Charlotte Hurdelbrink: "A synthetic study of the Orientalizing impasto pottery of the central Tiber valley with incised and excised decorations"

Lovisa Brännstedt: "Interfaces. The networks of Livia Drusilla"

Anna-Stina Ekedal: "Den romerska kvinnans reproduktiva hälsa i en

socioekonomisk kontext"

Fanny Kärfve: "The tessellated entrance in context. Appearance

and significance of Pompeian threshold mosaics"

Johan Vekselius: "Tears in Roman Political Culture"

Valentina Vasallo: "A technological integrated approach to study and preserve cultural heritage: The case of Agia Irini (Cyprus)"