Classical Archaeology and Ancient History

How did democracy arise in Athens in Antiquity? What made Rome into a global empire? What do we actually know about Alexander the Great, Caesar, Sappho or Socrates? With us, you will become familiar with the ancient cultures around the Mediterranean.

We focus on the Greek and Roman cultures and the material which has been preserved for us to interpret: archaeological material such as buildings, everyday tools and artworks, and written literary texts and inscriptions. You will also meet the cultures in adjacent areas in their interaction with Greece and Rome.

The period studied runs from prehistory to late Antiquity. You will encounter many aspects of humanity, such as religion, politics, economics, philosophy and artistic creation. The Swedish university subject of Classical Archaeology and Ancient History (AKS) has a unique breadth. Besides education in ancient history, we also provide breadth and specialisation to other humanities and social sciences subjects.

Our students can be found within various professions, in the cultural sector and the world of museums, research and government administration, schools, business and industry. Over the course of the programme, you will practise interpreting various types of classical source material, and you will gain an insight into how modern technology opens new paths to knowledge about human beings and their living environment during Antiquity.

We strive to see each phenomenon and sequence of events in its societal and historical context. In this way, Antiquity itself, as a period, can also be studied; one element in the programme investigates the classical tradition and the views on Antiquity in later times, right up to today. The subject has close contacts with the Swedish Institutes in Rome, Athens and Istanbul, thereby offering our students opportunities for study and visits abroad. Read more about the Swedish research institutes

Focus Rome:

A cooperation project at Lund and Gothenburg universities. Since 2008, the faculties of humanities at Lund and Gothenburg universities have been supporting an interdisciplinary cooperation project concerning the subjects of Classical Archaeology and Ancient History, and Latin. Focus Rome aims to create a broader academic environment and a platform to reinforce the study of Roman history and culture. Undergraduates and doctoral students who are particularly interested in ancient Rome – Roman life styles, Roman history, Roman culture, Rome in western cultural heritage – are welcome to the special courses, seminars and theme days offered by the project.

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