Invigilated exams

Rules and instructions from Autumn 2023

As a student, you are responsible for being aware of the information provided by the institution regarding what is allowed and not allowed during exams. It is also your own responsibility to well in advance find out which examination room you should go to and where it is located.

  • You can only take an exam for a course that you are currently registered in or have been registered in.
  • You must always sign up for all invigilated exams, including regular exams and reexaminations. You sign up for exams through Ladok.
  • You must never write an exam without valid photo identification.
  • At the joint faculties of Humanities and Theology (HT), all invigilated exams are graded anonymously. Unique anonymous codes for each exam session are created and stored in Ladok.

Exam process – step by step

Before the exam:

You must sign up through Ladok for all invigilated exams. The registration period opens three weeks before the exam date and closes one week before the exam. If you cannot find the exam you want to sign up for or encounter any issues with the process, contact the course administrator for your subject of study.

  1. Log into Ladok.
  2. Choose ”Examinations”.
  3. Sign up for the exam.

During a fire alarm, power outage, or other situations requiring the evacuation of the examination room, the following procedures apply:

The exam is immediately terminated, and no further exams may be submitted. Students and exam invigilators must promptly leave the room, and any materials related to the exam must be left on the desks. Once the all-clear signal has been given, everyone can return to the room. However, you are not allowed to make any additional notations on your exam. Exams that were submitted before the evacuation will be graded and assessed, while those not submitted will be considered invalid, and the exam will need to be retaken at a later date.

You have the option to have your exam graded and assessed even if not all questions were answered and it was not submitted before the evacuation. In such a case, you must inform the exam invigilator immediately and submit your exam without making any changes or additions to it.

After the exam

  • The teacher will not see your name, only the anonymisation code, when grading the exam.
  • The teacher can only grade exams where the written content is readable.
  • Once the exam is graded, the result associated with the anonymization code is entered into Ladok by the subject's course administrator.
  • The grading process is anonymous, but not the final grading (assigning grades). Before the examiner attests the result, they can see to whom each code belongs (as required by Swedish law).
  • After the result is attested, you will receive an email, and you can log in to Ladok for students to view your result.
  • Graded exams may be handed out by the teacher, often during an exam review session. If this doesn't happen, or if the student is not present during the review, the exams can be collected at the receptions at LUX or SOL, unless the teacher provides other information. Please note that graded exams are typically not sent home to the student.
  • Please be aware that graded exams are considered public documents, and copies can be requested by the public (e.g., other students).
    If you want to access your anonymisation code later (useful for the exam review session), you can retrieve it in Ladok for students starting from the first calendar day after the exam.

  • If an exam invigilator discovers or suspects cheating, they have an obligation to report it.
  • If an investigation reveals that a student has deliberately cheated during an exam, the Disciplinary Board may impose disciplinary measures, such as suspension from both classes and examinations for up to six months.
  • An exam invigilator has the right to dismiss any student who disturbs and/or hinders their fellow students from completing the exam.
  • Read more at Cheating, disruption and harassment (

If you missed registering for an invigilated exam in Ladok, there might be a small chance for you to still take the exam, provided that there are available seats in the exam room and enough exam papers printed. However, you cannot remain anonymous and will need to write your personal identification number and name on the participant list and the submitted exam.
You must inform the exam invigilator that you haven't registered earlier and wait outside the exam room until the registered students have entered. Since registered students may be allowed to arrive up to half an hour late for the exam, you might have to wait for 30 minutes to be let in. This time will not be compensated. If you start an exam without prior registration and without informing the exam invigilator about your missing registration, your exam will not be graded.

  • Written invigilated exams and supervised online exams on Zoom (both regular exams and reexaminations) require mandatory registration via Ladok.

  • Written invigilated exams are graded anonymously. Take-home exams that are comparable to invigilated exams should also be anonymized (i.e., take-home exams where the written task is the same for everyone and not part of a multi-step writing process).

  • Anonymous grading does not apply to oral exams, quizzes, or assignments.

  • At present, Zoom-supervised exams cannot be graded anonymously while maintaining legal certainty.

  • Valid Swedish driver's license
  • Valid Swedish or international Passport
  • Valid Swedish or international ID card

Please note that LU card is not accepted from autumn semester 2023. E-identification is not accepted.

If you are entitled to accommodations during the exam situation (such as extra writing time, individual seating, etc.), you should notify your study counsellor two weeks before the exam. You must also register for the exam/re-exam through Ladok.

If you register late, there is a significant risk that we won't have enough time to arrange for a suitable venue, exam invigilator, or computer if needed. In such a case, you will have to take the exam without accommodations.

Even if you write the exam in a separate room, the exam invigilator will provide you with an anonymous code (assuming you have registered for the exam/re-exam in Ladok).

Read more about exam support at Students with disabilities

Where do I enter when the building is locked?

On weekends, the buildings are usually locked, but during exams, one door is left unlocked so that everyone can enter. The door is unlocked half an hour before the exam starts. Check which building you will be taking the exam in and refer to the following maps to find out where to enter each building:

Exam entrances – images

News autumn 2023

As of autumn semester 2023

  • you are allowed to arrive no more than 30 minutes late to an exam. After 30 minutes, the doors will be definitively closed.
  • the LU-card is not valid as identification card

What counts as ID?

The exams in August are given according to the old rules.

Don't forget to sign up for your exam in Ladok.

Are you sensitive to noise?

Many students are writing exams simultaneously, and some brief conversations between exam invigilators are sometimes necessary. If you are easily disturbed by the noise around you, feel free to bring earplugs. However, headphones are not allowed.

Food and drinks

You are welcome to bring something to eat and drink. However, please do not bring nuts, and avoid items that make noise or have strong smells. Coffee is, of course, allowed, but no bags of chips, for example.

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