Contract osteology

Contract osteology is a part of the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History. Since 2009, it has been accepting commissions for osteological analyses and consultations.

Contract osteology consists of osteologists specialising in both human and animal bones. We have experience of many different types of archaeological contexts from the present day all the way back to the Stone Age.

We can deal with even badly preserved material, such as heavily fragmented, brittle or burnt bones. We are active in the research fields of historical osteology, bioarchaeology and zooarchaeology, which means that, in addition to osteological expertise, we also have an educational background as archaeologists. We are active in the research community as well as in communicating with the general public via the University.

Contract osteology is a part of the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History at Lund University. All our work is quality assured through review by university-trained specialists who are active researchers, in order to maintain a high scholarly standard and to be fully updated within the research field of historical osteology. We have access to an extensive reference collection; on the same premises, we also have newly renovated, dedicated lab spaces.

The connection to Lund University provides the client with a broad base of expertise, short waiting times, efficient infrastructure and work conducted with clear quality awareness and at competitive market prices. As the contract work is carried out within Lund University, it is not run for profit but with long-term knowledge accumulation as the highest priority.

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