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Born (1987) and raised in Lund, Sweden. BA 2011; MA 2012; PhD 2018.

I have experience from fieldwork and osteological analysis in the Mediterranean and Scandinavian area. In my research I focus on societal change and cultural rules of behavior, and how this can be studied by zooarchaeological analysis, i.e. the study of animal bones. I defended my dissertation titled "Waste management, animals and society: A social zooarchaeological study of Bronze Age Asine" early March 2018.

In my current project "Sheep O'hoy: The zooarchaeology of sails production in Late Iron Age southern Scandinavia" I focus on the changes in the organisation of wool production and sheep husbandry as demands of wool and wool textiles increased during the course of the Late Iron Age.



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Stella Macheridis

Historical Osteology
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