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My research has focused on prehistoric plant use in Scandinavia and has aimed to understand agricultural aspects of social life with attention to the handling and distribution of food and other agricultural plant products, both within settlements and on societal level. The research methods focus on plant macroremains analysis, especially concerning the application of seeds, grain, fruits, chaff and tubers, to interpretation of the archaeological record.

I completed my PhD in Archaeology at Lund University in 2015. In my dissertation, entitled “Agrarian plant economy at Uppåkra and surrounding area”, I used ancient plant remains to study the plant economy of a regional center and its relation with the surrounding farming community in terms of production and consumption. Previous academic achievements are from City College of San Francisco and Simon Fraser University, Vancouver. I have been active in consulting archaeology since 2004 including several research projects.



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Mikael Larsson

Department of Archaeology and Ancient History

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