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Born 1957 in Karlskrona. BA in archaeology, medieval archaeology and ethnology. From 1981 to 1991 affiliated to contract archaeology at museums in Lund and Sigtuna. Connected to the Institute of archaeology and ancient history since 1992 as Ph. D-student, teacher and scholar. Defended my thesis "Guests in the House. Cultural transmisson between Slavs and Scandinavians 900 to 1300 AD" in 2001. My research is directed towards social identity, ethnicity, cultural identity and cultural transmission. Main interests are connected to medieval urban culture. Specialized on mobile material culture, with emphasis on ceramics.

At the institute, I lecture on historical archaeology.


About the research

My research interests are directed towards social identity and group dynamics, the social and cultural consequences of exchange, Islamic and Byzantine archaeology.

Main interests are social formation processes and their impact on material culture. This has directed me towards geographic regions and places were different cultural patterns are negotiated. Urban centres in Europe and Byzantine-Islamic Sicily are two fields of research. The socio-economic situation in Viking Age and medieval Uppåkra is another interesting topic.

My opinion is that artifacts, our mobile cultural heritage, is neglected within historical archaeology in Sweden. Thus, theoretical and methodological problems connected to objects and their "meanings" in a wider sense are my areas of interest. Functional analysis, the biographies of things and shifting significance in changing social milieus are important perspectives. Exchange of knowledge between people as "tacit knowing" is one way to grasp interaction between people in the past through things.

I aim to cooperate with contract archaeology and museums, resulting in projects with Kulturen in Lund and the Swedish National Heritage Board's department for archaeological investigations (UV). Participating in reference groups and analyzing archaeological remains gives me the possibility to test and have an influence on theory, methods and documentation. Experiences from the field is a constant source to new knowledge.


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Other tasks and qualifications

Member of The Royal Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities.
Member of Vetenskapssocieteten i Lund.
Member of the board of the Publishing Committee for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.
Member of the board of the Nordenstedt Foundation.
Member of the board of The Lund University Historical Museum.

Mats Roslund

Historical Archaeology
Department of Archaeology and Ancient History

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