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My bachelor of arts was finished in 1989. Thereafter I have been working with commercial archaeology and in museums during many years, combined with periods of research. My Phd was finished in 2001 and in 2010 I became assistant professor. In the autumn of 2012 I started as lecturer in historical archaeology, with a special interest in building archaeology. Previously I was working at the Central Board of National Antiquities as head of the division for contract archaeology in Linköping, UV Öst. I have previously worked at Högskolan på Gotland, Visby, and at Linneaus University.


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My archaeological interest has always been focused on the Middle Ages and later periods. I have mainly been working with landscape archaeology, power structures and spatial issues. The importance of standing buildings has always been important. My interest in buildings has mostly concerned castles that I have analyzed from a landscape perspective. In my phd the aim was to analyze the emergence of the medieval aristocracy in parts of southern Sweden and how this group in society used the landscape to underline their social status. The issues from the phd was further developed in a post-doc-project that I did in 2003 in Reading, England, where I compared how the aristocracy in different parts of Europe organized their castles, manors and surrounding landscape. The aim was a search for an aristocratic spatial ideology on an European level.


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Martin Hansson

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