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Already in the 1970s I felt that archaeology was an experience, when we as students had a field course in Ulamossen at Vikhög outside Lund. In the summer we excavated a Stone Age settlement in Ageröds bog. Archaeology is fascinating. Not just the practical work but also the theoretical perspectives. How can we use material culture and text fragments to interpret human history and life conditions with long time perspectives, from Stone Age to modern times? My multi-periodic interest in the history of mentality characterizes my research, my courses and lectures, and affects my life and work. To meet students is essential, thus I have seminars and lectures in most courses in archaeology. The subjects include the Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age; theoretical archaeology, archeology of religion, history of mentality, and ethics. During the last years I have got interest in peruvian archaeology in relation witn a Linneaus Palme project in Lima.


About the research

I am fascinated by the enormous chronological depth which underlies human activity and attitudes to norms and values. The material culture and materiality of archaeology provide a perspective of several thousand years on human cultural expression, mentality and lifestyles. Nature, climate, social interplay and political structures become visible. In my archaeological research, I use theories and methods from natural sciences and social sciences. The humanities constitute a broad research field with room to study cultures from widely differing perspectives. My current areas of research deal with Stone Age issues, mentality studies, the archaeology of religion, the archaeology of landscapes and archaeological ethics.


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Kristina Jennbert

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