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I was born and grow up in Halmstad, but moved to Lund when I began my early university studies.

After having worked in economy and finance for many years, I felt I wanted to do something new and different. In the past I had, in my spare time, taken some distance courses in history in Lund, Gothenburg and Gotland. Therefore I decided in 2010 to leave business life and began studying history and archeology on a full time basis. My studies lead to one-year master level in history (2012) and in historical archaeology (2014). Since fall 2014 I am a PhD student in historical archeology.

I have during my studies been interested in different aspects of aristocracy, including entailed estates, patronage and patron galleries in churches. Towards the end of my education, I focused on aristocracy in an urban environment with a specific focus on Lund.


About the research

The purpose of the project is to study the aristocratic presence in cities – its importance and role in an urban context and its interaction with other social groups in the city. The study is focused on cities in the Scanian counties during high and late Middle Ages and during the Renaissance.

The study emanates from the medieval society structure, where the four estates - the aristocracy, the clergy, the bourgeoisie and the peasants - are considered having clear boundaries, not just socially and politically, but also spatially.

The aim of the study can be described in three levels. At the basic level concrete knowledge of the aristocracy’s actual presence in cities at different times - the scope, the formation and the reasons for their presence – is expected. At the next level, the main level of the project, the study aims to elucidate the aristocracy’s involvement in the material, social, economic and political structures of urban society. Finally, the perception of the dividing lines between various social groups as static and explicit during the medieval and early modern period will be problematized, aiming to provide a nuanced, and perhaps altered, description of the past class society.


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Kenth Hansen

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