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Born 1968 in Helsingborg (in the north western parts of the southern county of Scania, Sweden). Completed basic university levels at Lund University in 1991, with medieval archaeology as a main subject, and I am currently active as a doctoral student.

Worked within contract archaeology and at the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History since 1991.

Curiosity and devotion for archaeology, history and heritage in broader terms as well as heritage and the role of the past in current society, are still widening my scope of research interests. The entrance to the past and present are however social, focusing on agency, class and power.


About the research

My PhD-project deals with urbanity, where the focus circles around the structural settings of urbanism in landscape perspectives versus agency, enabling making and remaking of a defined class of town citizens.

The case study covers the eastern parts of medieval Denmark, now southern Sweden, and the period roughly between 1000 and 1700 AD. The source material is primary archaeological documented building remains and standing house structures.


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Joakim Thomasson

Doctoral Student
Historical Archaeology
Department of Archaeology and Ancient History

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