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JES WIENBERG born 1956 in Silkeborg, Denmark. Started my archaeological course as a teenager, namely as an amateur and apprentice at the museum of Silkeborg. MA in medieval archaeology 1983 at Moesgård, Århus University. PhD 1993 at Lund University with a dissertation on the gothicization of all the ca 2700 parish churches in medieval Denmark.

Senior lecturer 1994, reader 1995 and professor 2000 at the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, Lund University. Head of department 1997-2000, 2002-2005; deputy head of department 2007-11. In charge of the disciplin of historical archaeology from 2005.

Archaeological field experiences from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Estonia covering all periods from the Mesolithic to the present.

My research focuses on five topics: Historical archaeology as a discipline; church architecture and church archaeology in Scandinavia; pseudoarchaeology as a phenomena; memory, monuments and memorials; heritage and World heritage.


About the research

My research has focused on church archaeology in Scandinavia with different perspectives on Medieval church architecture, e. g. church building and economy, vaults and economy, church architecture and demography, the fortified or multi functional churches and the crusades on the Baltic Sea, churches and symbolism, churches and centrality, reconstructions of churches, churches as cultural heritage.

The research has also focused on urban topography (Tønsberg), central concepts (the Middle Ages, Romanesque, Gothic, society, noblemen, Viking, Modernity, heritage, central location and central place) and pseudo- or alternative archaeology (the round churches of Bornholm, ley lines, sacred geometry and so called "trelleborgs") and the development of Historical archaeology as a subject since the 17th century.

In recent years I have been interested in questions concerning memory, memorials and monuments, canonization, heritage and World heritage and I have conducted studies on memorials of archaeological finds and excavations in Denmark, also Early Modern memorials in the county of Visingsborg in Sweden and the movement of rune-stones, e.g. the Lundagård-stone, and memorials of the Reunification of Southern Jutland with Denmark in 1920.

At present I study the meaning of heritage on a global scale using World Heritage sites as examples.


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