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In my research, I aim to break the traditional boundaries of monastic space and thus investigate it in a larger context. One starting point is that abbeys and monasteries should be viewed as nodes in larger estates, that is as monastic manors. However, there is also a religious aspect that affected the layout strategies of space.  The monastic manor should, on that account, also be seen as focal points in a landscape with the intention to reflect the ideals, statutes and rules of each order respectively. How this landscape was staged and how the estates were incorporated in the ideal landscape is what I call the monastic landscape. However, the monastic landscape had to adapt to the structures of the lay society and the landscapes of other actors. How the different actors managed to enforce their ideals says a lot about society and the balance of power between the actors. In my work, methods of investigation are developed and tested, and as an objective the result should be that new light is shed upon the monastic landscape and the interaction with the medieval lay society of eastern Denmark.


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Jan Kockum

Doctoral Student
Historical Archaeology
Department of Archaeology and Ancient History

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