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I have studied archaeology and osteology at Lund University. Since 2004 I have been responsible for the osteological collections at the Historical Museum at Lund University. In a book and exhibition - "Sven Nilsson and the Postglacial Fauna of Scania" - I combined scientific discoveries from zoology, archeology and genetics, and the ideas of my dissertation was to a large extent formulated during this work. I am interested in how new methods can be used to overcome constraints within traditional morphological methods.

In my research, I would like to develop a method of extracting and analyzing the protein Osteocalcin from bone from Bovines. The purpose isto distinguish Aurochs (Bos primigenius) and Wisents (Bison bonasus) using theZooMS method. The findings of Aurochs and Wisent bones, along with bones fromScandinavian wild horses, are then intended to be used in studies ofpopulationgenetics to highlight various aspects of the local extinction ofthree animal species in early Holocen.



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Erika Rosengren

Doctoral Student
Historical Osteology
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