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I was born in 1951 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I earned a BA in Anthropology at Beloit College in Wisconsin in 1973 and an MA at UCLA in 1975. The subject of my Masters Thesis was an edge-wear analysis of burins from Solvieux, an Upper Paleolithic site in France. In 1976 I moved to Lund and enrolled in the PhD program, receiving my PhD in 1983. The title of my dissertation is "Tools and Technology. Lithic technological analysis of Neolithic axe morphology". I have been active on various boards of the Faculty of Arts at Lund University and as a referee for the Swedish Research Council.


About the research

My main area of interest is the relationship between form, function and context and the ways in which we use things practically and symbolically. Some of my current work centers around the question of craft specialization in southern Scandinavia during the Neolithic. Experimental work has been an important part of my study of technology. I have also done work on burial practices during the later Middle Neolithic Corded Ware Culture, 2800 - 2350 BC.


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Deborah Olausson

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Department of Archaeology and Ancient History

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