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I finished my PhD in historical osteology/bioarchaeology in May 2018 with my thesis "Health cattle and ploughs . Bioarchaeological consequences of the Secondary Products Revolution in southern Sweden, 2300-1100 BCE". In the thesis I examined in what way human diet and health was affected considering an agropastoral intensification in the latest Stone Age and Early Bronze Age.

My research considers different aspects of helath in past populations. I am especially interested in trauma and violence, care, oral health, stature and demography. My current research focus is upon consequences of violence on both an individual and a societal level, both short and long term. Currently, I'm also working on a project about health in a Iron Age urban population in Greece.


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Other tasks and qualifications

Teaching experience:

- Teacher and course coordinator, SASH73 "Health and diet through human history", 7,5 hp, 2019

- Supervisor for master thesis, 2019

- Supervisor for bachelor thesis, 2018

- Supervisor of master thesis 2018

- Teacher and course coordinator, bioarchaeology, 30 hp, 2018

- Teacher and course coordinator, archaeozoology, 30 hp, 2017

- "The Dawn of European Culture", teacher and course coordinator 2012.

- Teacher for the Second Semester Essay Course 2012.

- "Health and Diet through Human History" - teacher, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.

Anna Tornberg

Historical Osteology
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