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After my exam in 1975 i started working with building restoration for the Board of Antiquites. The first object was a castle in the eastern part of Blekinge. At the same location i found an other, unknown, castle. With this my castle studies started. 1979-83 leader for Swedens, till then, biggest excavation in front of the Houses of Parliament. This gave material for the paper Stockholms tre Borgar (Stockholms three Castles)that gave me the doctors degree 1988. 1988-2002 leader of the university museum. In 1986 started the still running project Norra Skånes Medeltid (The Medieval Period in Northern Scania). A couple of castles are investigated together with a lot of productionplaces for iron and tar. The leading question i how, when and by whom the area was colonised. Actual is to excavate a migrationp. farm that later became royal and the central place in the area - also a center for ox breeding. The use of oxen and stone transport for the Lund minster 1080-11 is the main object now.


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Working with the medieval colonisation of the Scanian forests. Other interests are outback production, iron production, road history, quarries and stone transport. And also stone buildings and church history


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Anders Ödman

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