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I did my bachelor at the University of Copenhagen, where I also studied ancient Greek and Latin, and in 2017 I received my Master’s degree in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History from Lund University. Between my Master and my PhD, I worked as a research assistant at Aarhus University.

My research is primarily focused on Greek architecture, and in my PhD I am investigating the building type called "heroon" in the Hellenistic period. These buildings combined religious and civic aspects of life: they were places for commemoration of individuals who became heroes in the collective imagination of the community. I will try to understand the heroon as a monument in a period where individuality and political power affected the society, and possibly connect it to the varying layouts. I will attempt at highlighting the full context of the buildings, considering both the physical and social landscape they were located in.

Rikke Thomsen

Doctoral Student
Classical archaeology and ancient history
Department of Archaeology and Ancient History

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