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My research interests include Minoan archaeology and cultural contacts during the Bronze Age in the eastern Mediterranean.
Doctoral thesis: Minoan games and game boards.
My thesis is an investigation of all kinds of material from Bronze Age Crete that could be connected to games. This includes game boards, draughtsmen, markers, dices, iconographic representations and so-called cup-holes. Each group of material is collected and analysed before more general conclusions are made. Analogies and parallels from the cultures around the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as from other areas and periods, constitute an important part of my investigation. The changing view of ancient games and game boards during the last centuries is considered in a chapter on history of research. Hopefully the thesis can suggest some overall patterns, as well as for the first time present a complete catalogue of the relevant material.


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Niklas Hillbom

Classical archaeology and ancient history
Department of Archaeology and Ancient History

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