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Lund Archaeological Review vol.6, 2000

Märta Strömberg 80 år

Mats Larsson & Fredrik Molin, A New World Cultural Link and Spatial Disposition – The Early Mesolithic Landscape in Östergötland on Basis of the Storlyckan Investigation.

Ole Stilborg & Ingrid Bergenstråhle, Traditions in Transition: A Comparative Study of the Patterns of Ertebølle Lithic and Pottery Changes in the Late Mesolithic Ceramic Phase at Skateholm I, III and Soldattorpet in Scania, Sweden.

Björn Nilsson & Peter Skoglund, To Dwell in the Centre of the World: On the Life-History of a Gallery Grave in Småland, SE Sweden. Lars Larsson, The Middle Stone Age of Northern Zimbabwe in a Southern African Perspective.

Titti Fendin, Fertility and the Repetitive Partition Grinding a Social Construction.

Laila Kitzler Åhfeldt, The Sparlösa Monument and its Three Carvers: A Study of Division of Labour by Surface Structure Analysis.

Marie Emanuelsson, Ulla Bergqvist, Ulf Segerström, Eva Svensson & Henrik von Steingk, Shieling or Something Else? Iron Age and Medieval Forest Settlements and Land Use at Gammelvallen in Ängersjö, Central Sweden.