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Lund Archaeological Review vol.18. 2012


Joen Leffler, Typology and the Concept of Curation. A Study of Transverse Arrowheads of the Late Scandinavian Mesolithic

Ludvig Papmehl-Dufay, Just a Band Crossing the Road. On Biography, Memory and the Changing Meaning of Places

Paul Eklöv Pettersson, Social Status through Crucibles

Thomas Eriksson & Anders Lindahl, The Handicrafts of Iron Age Pottery in Scandinavia. Regionalities and Traditions

Erik Johansson, Younger Grey Ware. Definition, Function and Potential

Mats Mogren, The First Sparks and the Far Horizons. Stirring up the Thinking on the Earliest Scandinavian Urbanization Processes–Again

Eva Svensson, Susanne Pettersson, Stefan Nilsson, Lotta Boss & Annie Johansson, Resilience and Medieval Crises at Five Rural Settlements in Sweden and Norway