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Lund Archaeological Review vol. 8-9, 2002-2003

Mats Larsson & Seweryn Rzepecki, The Early Funnel Beaker Southern Sweden and Central Poland.

Alexander Gill, Gardening Life. Reconsidering the Early Neolithic of East Central Sweden.

Susanne Selling, Cairns and Bronzes as Disparate Displays of Power in Bronze Age Western Sweden.

Anders Otte Stensager, Some Possibilties Based on Soil Classification Maps.

Ann-Britt Falk Boreklev, Building Offerings. An Ambigous Ritual.

Hans Lind, Ingela Holmgren, Eva Svensson & Stig Emilsson, Crofters, Thieves and Workers. The Social History if the Inhabiants of a Group of Nineteenth-Century Settlements Remains.

Birgitta M. Johansson, Mollusc Shells in Swedish Archaeology-Occurrence, Significance and Potentials.