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Lund Archaeological Review vol. 5, 1999

Ola Magnell & Ronnie Liljegren, Hässleberga – A Late Palaeolitic Kill Site in Scania, Confirmed by Analysis of Bone Modifications.

Lutz Klassen & Esbjörn Jonsson, A Unique Shafthole Axe from Recent Excavations in the Järavallen Beach Ridge.

Anne Carlie, ”Sacred White Stones”. On Traditions of Building White Stones into Graves

Påvel Nicklasson: Excavating Postprocessually – A Theoretical Utopia or a Practical Reality? A Discussion of Barrows in Skärstad, Småland.

Christian Theander, ”Kar juxta Ludde”. Jörn Staecker, Thor´s Hammer _ Symbol of Christianization and Political Delution.

Curt Roslund,, Jonathan Lindström & Pia Andersson, Alignments in Profusion and Confusion: The Growing Pains of Archaeoastronomy,

Camilla Cesar, The construction of Masculinity – the Driving Force of History: A New Way of Understanding Change in the Past.

Håkan Karlsson, A Postprocessual Step Forward.