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Lund Archaeological Review vol. 4, 1998

Liv Nilsson, Dynamic Cadavers. ”Field-Anthropological” Analysis of the Skateholm II Burials.

Björn Nilsson, An Invitation to Human Ecology. Understanding Environments, Ecosymbolism and Change in the Use of Worlds.

Tom Carlsson & Andreas Hennius, Invisible Activites. Early Neolitic House Remains in Western Östergötland.

Tore Artelius, A Bronze Age Perception of Identity. Ideology and Landscape Organization in a South- Western Swedish River Valley.

Martin Hansson, Graves, Grave-Fields and Burial Customs – Variation as Theme. A Discussion of Late Iron Age Grave-Fields in the Inland of Småland.

Eva Svensson, Expanding Household. Bodil Petersson, The Living Past in Scania.