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Lund Archaeological Review vol. 2, 1996

Bo Friman, Neolithization and ”Classical” Elm Decline. A Synthesis of Two Debates.

Ewa Weiler, Metal Standard during the Bronze Age.

Påvel Nicklasson, The Chronology of Weapons from the Pre-Roman Iron Age in Mainland Sweden and Öland.

Bertil Helgesson and Caroline Arcini, A Major Burial Ground Discovered at Fjälkinge. Reflections of Life in a Scanian Viking Village.

Jörn Staecker, Searching for the Unknown. Gotland´s Churchyards from a Gender and Missionary perspective.

Mats Mogren, Dating Ängersjö. Trenching Lynchets in Quest of the origin and Developement of a Boreal Forest Village.