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Lund Archaeological Review vol. 17, 2011

Ny Björn Gustafsson, New Light on Tempered Clay - 3D white light scanning as a means of analysis of early medieval casting moulds 

Lisbeth M. Imer, Maturus fecit - Unwod made - Runic inscriptions on fibulae in the Late Roman Iron Age 

Dominic Ingemark, A rare rock-crystal object from Pompeii - a furniture inlay, a medical instrument, a magnifying lens or a gaming piece?  

Xenia Pauli Jensen, Friend or foe - alliances and power structures in southern Scandinavia during Roman Iron Age

Anders Lindahl & Paul Eklöv, Perforated Ceramic Cylinders for Heat-demanding Crafts

Påvel Nicklasson, Magnus Bruzelius, Jacob Adlerbeth and the Invention of the Stone Age 

Andreas Nilsson, Making a Simple Tool. Bronze Casting for Personal Use in the Latter Part of the Scandinavian Bronze Age