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Lund Archaeological Review vol. 13-14, 2007-2008

Bergerbrant, Sophie, Weaving Identity: Cultural Belonging and Cultural Change, 1600-1100 BC in Southern Scandinavia and Northem Germany.

Rosengren, Erika, Eode pä tö setle - Female Leadership in Iron Age Uppåkra.

Helmbrecht, Michaela, Figures with Horned Headgear: A Case Study of Context Analysis and Social Significance of Pictures in Vendel and Viking Age Scandinavia.

Munck af Rosenschöld, Viktoria, Sounds of Viking Age Scania.

Wendt, Antje, Viking Age Gold Rings and the Question of "Gefolgschaft".

Heimer, Olle, Military Artefacts from the Medieval Villages of Södra Sallerup and Bunkeflo.