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Lund Archaeological Review vol. 11-12, 2005-2006

Rikke Steenholt Olesen, Runic Amulets Made of Metal from Medieval Bornholm.

Magdalena Naum, Early Christians, Immigrants and Ritualized Practice. A Case study of South-eastern Bornholm.

Liv Nilsson, Setting it Straight. Are analysis of the Mesolitic Barum burial according to the princip les of Antropologie 'de terrain'.

Kristina Jennbert, Sites and the Mental Landscape. Stone Age in the Kullen district, North-western Scania, Sweden.

Lars Larsson, Wetland and Ritual Deposits during the Neolitic. A Local Study in a Micro-environment of a Macro-phenomenon.

Curt Roslund & Marie Rådbo, Celestial Events and the Early Acquisition of Knowledge.

Cornelius Holtorf & Anders Högberg, Talking People. From Community ro Popular Archaeologies.

Påvel Nicklasson & Lars Larsson, Book Pyre in Grönköping.

Joakim Goldhahn, Beers and Barrow, or Barrows and Beer? A short Reply to Anders Berntsson.

Anders Berntsson, Reply to Joakim Goldhahn.