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Lund Archaelogical Review vol. 19, 2013

Anna Tornberg: Diet, Health and Agriculture. The Late Neolithic-Early Bronze Age Example of Abbekås, Southern Sweden

Jens Winther Johannsen: The Villfara Monument. Rock Carvings, Death, Cosmology and Rituals in Early Bronze Age Scania

Kristian Brink & Thomas Linderoth: Economic and Social Space at a Fenced Roman Iron Age Farm. An Example from the South Coast of Sweden

Christoffer Hagberg: What Makes a Slingstone in the Swedish Archaeological Material? A Discourse Analysis Focusing on Objects from Uppåkra

Justin J. L. Kimball: From Dróttinn to King. The Role of Hnefatafl as a Descriptor of Late Iron Age Scandinavian Culture

Robin Gullbrandsson: Medieval Roof Trusses in Churches of Northern Småland

Sara Lind & Tina Westergren: Glimmingehus. A Building- Archaeological Investigation of the Interior