Rome Transformed: The use of non-intrusive methodologies to explore the evolution of the eastern Caelian (first to eighth centuries CE)

15 december 2021 15:15 till 17:00 Seminarium

Ian Haynes, Newcastle University

Rome Transformed aims to advance our understanding of Rome and its place in cultural change across the Mediterranean World by mapping political, military, and religious changes to the eastern Caelian from the first to eighth centuries CE. The programme offers multiple gains for archaeologists, historians, topographers, and geographers by documenting both the mundane and monumental elements of the city fabric in chronological, geographical, and ideological relationship to one another. From the extravagant horti, the houses of elite families, through successive imperial palaces to the seat of papal governance, the area’s architecture embodied changing expressions of political power. From the early military stations, through the grandeur of the barracks of the emperor’s horse guards, to the building and rebuilding of the Aurelian Walls, it reveals notions about the intersection of security and military power. And from the temples and shrines founded under the Republic to the world’s first Cathedral, it attests successive religious regenerations.

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15 december 2021 15:15 till 17:00



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