The 20th European Paleopathology Association Meeting (PPA)

The objective of the 20th European PPA Meeting is to unveil the well-being of past populations in the light of a vast array of human experiences fluctuating with an ever changing environment, societies and technologies. The chronological time frame is deep, from the Palaeolithic to the present. We especially encourage contributions that provide a overarching perspective on paleopathology, such as evolutionary paleopathology, social impact of disease, climate and well-being, diseases in novel environments, etc. What is the importance of the field today seen in a wider context? We also encourage contributions that critically address novel technologies aiding the diagnosis of disease, such as isotopes, aDNA, bayesian inference, and synchrotron lightning. It will be possible for the participants of the meeting to propose panels or sessions. If someone wishes to propose such a session, please contact us as soon as possible with further details (topic, time, list of participants). Welcome to Lund! Torbjörn Ahlström & Caroline Arcini Contact: ppa-2014ark.luse
Sidansvarig: Susanne.Karlssonark.luse | 2014-02-03