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Lund Archaeological Review vol. 15-16, 2009-2010

Hadevik, Claes, Sunken Floor Houses of the Funnel Beaker Culture: A Methodological Problem 

Stjernquist, Berta, The Village of Hötofta and its Use of the Landscape

The Archaeology of Time Travel. An Introduction – Papers presented at the 14th annual meeting of the EAA in Malta, September 2008 

Holtorf, Cornelius, On the Possibility of Time Travel 

Narmo, Lars Erik, Handcraft as Time Travel 

Paardekooper, Roeland, Archaeological Open Air Museums as Time Travel Centres 

Petersson, Bodil, Travels to Identity: Viking Rune Carvers of Today 

Sandström, Erika, Visiting the Middle Ages

Åkesson, Lynn, Waste and Garbage as Time Travel

Prehistoric Pictures – Their Context and Function. Papers presented at a symposium in Lund, 9-10 May 2008 

Braun, Nadja, The Ancient Egyptian Conception of Images 

Callmer, Johan, A Picture Programme in Eastern Central Sweden ca. AD 800? 

Neiß, Michael, A Matter of Standards: Iconography as a Quality Indicator for Viking Age Brooches 

Ratke, Sharon, Guldgubber – a Glimpse into the Vendel Period 

Stănculescu, Ileana, Animal Symbolism of Northern Origin in the Lower Danube Region (10th–11th Centuries): Old and New Approaches